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Most Reason Why Travelling to Harapan Island

Yup, the holidays are awesome! But they can also be purposeful and good for the soul. We earn our days off and work hard all year-long so travel should have a sacred experience. A beach holiday in most particular has own healing powers and a special way of renewing our perspectives. Here are some reasons why you should plan your next holiday to the beach near home, for example, going to 2H1M Open Trip Pulau Harapan with Mister Aladin.

Harapan Island, which one of the most populated islands in the 1000 island. There is a next to the island of coconut in the north of the thousand islands. If you go the Island want able to go to the island of hope only enough with a period of 3 hours using a ferry-boat or traditional boat if you want to be faster can use a speedboat from an Ancol marina with a travel time of 1 hour 30 minutes used as an attractive tourist spot that can explore the beautiful islands around it is perfect as a place of recreation with family and friends and even your partner

Harapan Island Facility

The available island hope tour package facilities are very complete from transportation, lodging that is traditional style (Home Stay) is comfortable, Meals that were provided with a menu of typical island hope besides those recreational facilities for other places obtained at low prices that are quite affordable, all these facilities can tourists get by choosing the island of hope tour package. It becomes an advantage if you travel to the island of hope where more will be the variety of islands that it can be seen with extraordinary beauty

Harapan Island tour activities

For island tourism activities, hope to snorkel and explore the unspoiled near islands that are rarely touched and can enjoy the sunrise and sunset from traditional boats, besides that it can also be for diving and fishing and there were a number of tour packages that we can show for column below the menu price of island tour packages hope 2 days 1 night can directly contact us for details of the package price, there are also activities such as BBQ at the end of the night with fresh fish dishes caught immediately catch local fishermen with island-hope seasonings that are quite delicious for activities on the island that is accompanied by guides (local residents) who already know the ins and outs of the Harapan Island.